IMG_20170327_123025Ms. Mehvish Qureshi

Member – Department of Creativity

LEX SATURATES is an amazing community, where the true essence of an individual is extracted and appreciated in every way possible, making him realize as well as expand their boundaries to an extent, that they become true leaders of their lives.



Ms. Paridhi Shrivastava

Member – Department of Promotions

LEX SATURATES is an all in a one, perfect website for every law student. It gives to easy access to the latest news updates, general facts, gives free blogging, paper publications and apprises us of all the moot court and other competitions all over the country. Lex saturates also organizes various exciting competitions and gives you a chance you win prizes. It will definitely make the journey of a law student ‘easy and be exciting’.


Ms. Lipika Lakhani

Member – Department of creativity


Mr. Abhay Dhimole

Member – Department Of Events


Ms. Shreya Maheshwari

Member – Department of Legal research

Lex Saturate is the best place to learn and practice what we learn.

3aa895c1ccd00b257f0ba6eb38155a0b_umang mehta

Mr. Umang Mehta

Member – Department of Publication

A very much required initiative in the sphere of the legal fraternity. The website is not just-just a news and content provider but rather is a full-fledged king size buffet of knowledge and opportunities. The team is dedicated to catering to all specific needs of a law student as well as aspirant by envisaging a very large spectrum.
Proud to be a part of this venture.


Mr. Ujjawal Tiwari

Member – Department of Marketing
(our continue blogger)


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