A book is a man’s best friend, it has no complaints and no demands. Keeping in mind the significance of our dear best friends and the world of knowledge they impart, lex saturates had launched a book donation drive on the 2nd of April the world book day, students, professors and anyone willing to share books were encouraged to participate and donate books. In less than a few weeks the number of books has reached to around 300 books pertaining to various subjects. It was great witnessing people participating in good numbers and donating books with an open heart for the greater good of all. We want to spread the message that “together we grow and learn better “. The books would be donated to The Jagran lakecity university library for all to access and utilize the knowledge, the old school books hence gathered would be donated to NGOs on the 23rd of April international book day. With hopes of spreading the message of sharing caring and growing together.
We are happy to share the record of collected books by our happy donor. we have collected 333+ books inclusive of all types of books.

we thank all our donors for showing great support.

Our lovely donors were –