Book Donation Program
By- Lex Saturates


About the Program:
Following the Gandhian principle ‘knowledge increases by sharing’- On the occasion of WORLD BOOK DAY, 2 d April, 2017 LEX SATURATES (an initiative of student of School of Law, JAGRAN LAKECITY UNIVERSITY) is planning to initiate a STUDENT DRIVEN PROGRAM which will be called BOOK DONATION DRIVE.
This drive will focus on a donation of book/s from everyone in the university starting from Honorable Chancellor Sir and including each and every inseparable yet important part of University.
The books will be collected by authorize member of LEX SATURATES and will be donated to the library of the universities Chandanpura campus; A proper record will be maintained and on the occasion of WORLD BOOK DAY on 23rd April 2017, this drive will be inaugurated by donating the books and maintaining the record of the books to the library of Chandanpura campus. (old school book will be donated to NGO’s or GOVERNMENT schools for the needy students)

Initiating this social cause in Jagran Lakecity University Campus envisions reaching every nook and corner of university hence empowering the source of knowledge.

Let’s aim to make the pyramid much more powerful and knowledgeful. The target of collecting 1000+ books from the entire university.
Who will be benefited?
Books are unbiased. They never benefit seeing the castle, nature, colour or sex. They benefit them who approach them. “Books are for all and all are for books.”

How to Participate:
‘U’ are going to participate. You need to be a Human Being and if not,it’ss high time to be ‘Being Human’. If you are a professional, a student, a businessman, an organization or anyone with even a single book and you aren’t sure with what are you going to do with your old books, then simply take an effort to donate them to us. There are many people who would gladly use your used or new books, and be benefited from it greatly.
Rules for the Book Donation Drive:
 Book Donation Drive starts from 29th March 2017, the first day of Hindi Calendar, the Chait Chand or Gudi Padwa. It extends until 14th April 2017, the Good Friday. Although we are not going to stop this initiative or limiting it with a time bound.  Books will be donated in the name of the donor to the library,  Minimum of one book shall be donated by the donor and can donate maximum to any number according to his/her wish.  As the library is the ocean of knowledge and every book helps the reader to increase knowledge, any book can be donated; there are no restrictions over the donation of the books.  A register with the proper entries with the name designation and name of the book/books shall be prepared and deposited at the library.  There are no restrictions over the repetition of the books – Books if already donated and someone is willing to donate the same book is welcome from bottom of our heart.

About Lex Saturates:
Lex Saturates is an initiative in the research field taken up by the students from School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. It is managed by the students of the University. It has been founded with the objective of facilitating arguments in black and white. Legal Research skills form the core of the learning process in any dimension of law. The primary function of the Lex Saturates is to promote student research, deliberation and writing in the field of law. Lex Saturates is running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same. Lex Saturates tries to disseminate knowledge and research in various aspects of the law.The Lex Saturates has also planned to start a bi-annual, student run, peer-reviewed journal based at Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, called as International Journal on Multidisciplinary Legal Research: Analysis and Synthesis (IJMLR). IJMLR is the first journal of Lex Saturates. The Journal would be a half-yearly journal which will serve as a forum for the promotion and circulation of views on multidisciplinary legal research.


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“Books are the best source of knowledge and Knowledge is most useful when shared and liberated”